Berry Getting Interest

Berry Getting Interest

2016 quarterback Justin Berry of St. Francis High in Wheaton, Ill., talks about several recent visits what he is doing this offseason and more.

Justin Berry is one to keep an eye on, although he is only a 2016 prospect at St. Francis High (Ill.) -- he's been getting noticed and some early recruiting attention.

"I went to Wisconsin last Saturday, that was probably the craziest game that I have been to all year," Berry said. "The fans were insane, jumping around and everything, singing and doing the wave."

Berry took a last minute trip to Wisconsin, and left with a very favorable impression of Madison.

"The crowd and the fans probably impressed me more than anything," Barry said. "We got to go into the locker room after the game and see the players and talk to some of the coaches."

He added, "We are probably going to go back up to Wisconsin for one of their bowl practices so we can get a chance to meet everybody."

Another place that Berry had the chance to visit, was Indiana.

"Indiana was fun, that was one where I actually got to talk to the coaches a lot," Berry said. "They were talking about their philosophy on playing freshman and just giving me advice. They said if you are ready to play than you will play."

He continued, "We also got to go into the locker room after the game. Their head coach was really cool, even though they lost the game."

The third place that Berry visited recently, was Illinois.

"It is so much fun going to Illinois, that is the school that I am closest to the coaches," Berry said. "When I go there it is just a fun time, I just love the school there and want to maintain a close relationship with them."

Plus Berry thinks the Illini have a promising future.

"Even though they aren't winning right now they are still attracting talent," Berry said. "If they can get winning then they will recruit even more talented kids."

In the offseason, Berry already has several things planned to develop his game.

"I am going to the Sound Mind and Sound Body camp in Michigan on December 1st," Berry said. "So when I get there I will probably get a chance to meet my Max EX teammates there and we start 7-on-7s in February."

Plus there are also several other things that Berry is going to work on through the offseason.

"I worked a lot on footwork, that was one of the biggest things I worked on," Berry said. "And my accuracy on roll out passes, I have gotten a lot better on that and I think that will be really important throughout high school."

He added, "Getting faster is also something that I want to work on." Recommended Stories

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