A Stronger, Faster Mone (w/video)

Bryan Mone

After Salt Lake City (UT) Highland DT, Bryan Mone became the latest addition to Michigan's 2014 class yesterday his focus immediately shifted to taking his body and his game to the next level. The newest Wolverine chatted with GBW about the reasons behind his early decision, the plan for him once he arrives in Ann Arbor, and much much more. ***With video highlights.**

  • To view yesterday's commitment interview with Highland coach Brody Benson, click here.

When Bryan Mone left Ann Arbor last November after a memorable unofficial visit, he had the sneaking suspicion that he had just left his future home.  In the subsequent months he worked hard to keep that feeling at bay in an effort to give all of his options more thorough consideration. But the longer he mulled the possibilities the more he began to realize that the connection he felt with the Maize & Blue would be impossible to top. That led him to follow his heart and commit to the University of Michigan.

“(Monday) was when I made the decision,” Mone said.  “I was praying, hoping that this was a good decision, and it is.   It’s a great program and it’s a school that I think really cares for the players, so I just couldn’t wait.  I’m happy.”

Comfort proved to be one of the overriding factors.  Early in the recruiting process Mone strongly leaned towards attending a program closer to home for that very reason.  Fortunately for the Wolverines the presence of his former teammate and good friend Sione Houma in Ann Arbor made moving further away more palatable.

“Sione being there was big,” Mone admitted.  “He was the one that talked to me about (Michigan).  It’s just great.  And it is kind of a good thing that I’ll be away from home.  It’ll make me focus more on school.  It’s just a great decision to commit Michigan.”

The Wolverine coaching staff certainly thinks so.  There is a good chance that Brady Hoke & company still haven’t come down from yesterday’s high.

“They didn’t know it was coming,” Mone said recalling his commitment.  “I said, ‘Coach, I’m committing today.’  He said, ‘no…, you better be telling the truth!’  Then you could hear all of the other coaches in the background. (Laughter). They were happy and were yelling really loud.”

Once the cheers died down a bit they made it clear to the four-star DT that he will be a big part of the d-line equation when he finally puts on the winged helmet.

Said Mone, “they told me I’ll play nose tackle, D-end, and wherever else they need me.”

Until then the talented youngster plans to work hard to improve his game.  He has given up basketball for dedicate all of his free time to doing just that.

“I’m just lifting and getting faster after school now,” Mone reported.  “I need to get slimmer. I’m getting too overweight.  Focusing in the classroom is the main thing, but other than that it’s just getting faster, stronger, and trimming down my weight.  I’m at about 340 lbs. now, and I want to get down to about 315 lbs.”

With his recruitment now out of the way, he’ll be able to concentrate even more on that task.  One thing he definitely won’t be distracted by is interest from other schools.

“I’m committed,” Mone said firmly.  “I made up my mind and Michigan is all I’m really focusing on.”

To view highlights of Mone in action from his standout junior campaign, press play below.

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