VIDEO: Mazzone on Offense

Noel Mazzone

Offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone talks about the performance of the offensive line, running backs, and Brett Hundley...

Noel Mazzone on Saturday:

On Brett Hundley's first game:
I thought he looked pretty good. He looked like he was actually breathing during the plays, and doesn't hold his breath like last year. Last year, he was just running the plays that I called. This year, he's understanding, he's asking for things, he's seeing things.

On the running game in game one:
It kind of shocked me when I saw it. They did a nice job. Defensively, Nevada is a good football team, but they looked like they were gearing towards stopping Brett and they were going to make us run the football, because they were also very young on the back end. A lot of new guys back there and their front was the older group they had. I thought they did a good job, I was happy with the patience of the backs and the offensive line. They kept grinding and grinding and grinding and finally broke a few things.

On if the focus on Hundley will allow the backs to shine:
I hope so. I hope you're right. Because I have no problem giving the balls to those guys.

On the two offensive guards:
Without watching the film, I think we rushed for 345 yards, so they must have done something right. I think they did a good job. I know Caleb and Alex got in there, their first games, it's a pretty good group and a group that finally has a year under their belt. Getting a chance to play next to each other for a while.

On if he had a say on who started at right guard:
That was all Klemm. None of the guys (ask me for advice), I don't even know sometimes why I come to work.

On if he thought Hundley settled down in the second half:
To be honest, I kind of expected that from him. He was really sharp on Thursday and Friday in practice and I could tell that he was locked in and focused and honestly, I was happy with how he played and that's what I expected. I was really happy with the adjustments that he kept making and what he was seeing. Its a good sign when your quarterback is giving you feedback out there instead of 'I don't know, they're coming from everywhere.' That's not the statement I want from a quarterback. 'I don't know what to do, they're coming from everywhere.' I think he's a lot more comfortable with the O-Line this year, because now they have some age to them. Recommended Stories

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