Twitter Meter for Bruin Sports 12/13

Kammy Delp

We take a look at what's been going on in the UCLA Twittersphere...

Kammy Delp seems to cheering for Anthony Barr during awards season. So, there's that.

And apparently he's decided that he'd like to win some of those awards Barr has been nominated for.

It should suffice to say that Jim Mora played a large role in getting a commitment from Jaleel Wadood.

We're going to hope that's a good "sheesh" and not a bad "sheesh".

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Brett Hundley is toying with the entire UCLA fanbase. As he should.

We'll take this moment to rant about Aaron Donald winning any kind of defensive award. The guy had 26.5 tackles for loss, which is a big number. Of course, he plays in the awful ACC, and against his four best opponents (Miami, Florida State, Duke, and Notre Dame) he had a combined total of 3.5 tackles for loss, making minimal impact. Anthony Barr, for what it's worth, had 8.5 tackles for loss against his best four opponents (Oregon, Stanford, USC, and Arizona State). So, here's to Barr. And Ulbrich's beard.

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