Twitter Meter for Bruin Sports 1/7

Brad Kaaya

We take a look at all that's been going on in the UCLA athletics twittersphere...

Adarius Pickett doesn't miss an opportunity to recruit for UCLA, this time trying to persuade quarterback Brad Kaaya.

Jaleel Wadood has lofty goals for his first season.

It's shocking that this might have a better than nil chance of happening. Brave new world.

UCLA marketing appears to have taken BRO comments to heart, already starting the #Hundley4Heisman campaign.

Ok, it's at least a little funny that Anthony Barr feels comfortable trolling Jim Mora on Twitter.

Speaking selfishly, and this tweet is a good indication, but it's really nice that Devin Lucien broke out at the end of the year, because talking to him more frequently should be a lot of fun next year.


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