VIDEO: Goodman on 2nd Year

Tahaan Goodman

Sophomore safety Tahaan Goodman talks about his big-hitting ability, what strides he's made in the last year, and how he thinks his classmate Priest Willis is doing...

Tahaan Goodman:

On his strides since spring:
I would say covering, angle tackling, catching, things I worked on.

On a reputation as a big hitter:
Ever since, well, all my life, I like to give big hits, it's what I love to do.

On his hitting mindset:
I just think I want to make the best play possible, compete to get them down, and do whatever it takes to get them down. Survivor-mode.

On what Coach Meat tells him about playing time:
He tells me keep working hard.

On the secondary depth:
We have a lot of DBs, it's good. We get to learn a lot from each other, take different things. Everyone is so different. It brings a lot of variety, and everyone is still learning so its great.

On if he's had any memorable big hits:
I feel like I haven't really had any big ones because I don't want to go too hard on my teammates.

On talking with Priest Willis:
We want to work as hard as we can. We are together a lot and just get a lot of work in and compete the best we can to get an edge. We'll hopefully get a role, the coaches will give us a role. We're just going to keep doing what we do.

On Willis' confidence:
His confidence is up, he's been studying, he knows his playbook and he knows his stuff. Recommended Stories

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