VIDEO: Moreau Talks Development

Fabian Moreau

Junior cornerback Fabian Moreau was a running back just two years ago, and is now being touted as a potential first round draft pick by Jim Mora...

Fabian Moreau:

On his quiet confidence:
I'm just more comfortable. I know what I've got to do know. So I'm just coming out here every day and putting in the work and getting better every day.

On going against Devin Lucien:
Going against all the receivers, but going against Devin is great because he brings it every play and that's what we need. But going against Devin, against Eldridge and against Jordan Payton is good because they make us better every play.

On Lucien being quieter this year:
He just knows what he has to focus on. He knows what he's got to work on and he's coming out and doing it.

On being an all-American:
I don't even think about that. I just come out and work and prove myself. I don't care about the accolades, I just want to play football. It's pretty cool, but i try to not to listen to it.

On all four starters returning in the secondary:
It helps us a lot. We're more comfortable as a unit. Randall, Ish, AJ we're comfortable and now we have Tahaan and we're just growing as a group and helping all the younger guys coming along. Tahaan pushing us and everyone coming in every day pushing.

On Priest Willis:
I try to take Priest as my little brother. Help him just mentally and physically, learning the game, being comfortable, he's working. He's working on the little things.

On how he took to the position so quickly and can now mentor:
I got thrown in the fire and I had to learn real quickly so I've seen Priest struggle and I knew he was in my shows so I might as well help him and step in and mentor him.

On if he ever felt in over his head at corner:
The first few games playing defense, it was kind of crazy but as the season went on, I started to settle down.

On the toughest receivers to cover:
Because I'm bigger, the little smaller guys, but I'm trying to work on my game so I can stop both.

On how Hundley's return has helped with camp:
As a defensive unit we know we're seeing the best throws and some of the best receivers and are grateful we're going against that every day. We take advantage of that to gain knowledge of that.

On the secondary's confidence:
It's our second year together so we know each other and are best friends on and off the field. We're more confident and know what each other is thinking. We're having more fun.

On what came easiest at corner:
Opening up and running, that's probably the easiest. I'm still learning, especially the little things.

On being ranked in the top 10:
I feel like we don't even listen to that, we come in and work and within the boundaries.

On which corner he patterns his game after:
Patrick Peterson. He's actually from Fort Lauderdale. I just watch him and he's one of the best. And he just got that contract. I just watch him and all of them honestly and learn from their movements.

On what he studied this offseason:
Watching more film and being comfortable watching more film and knowing what to watch. Recommended Stories

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