An Unwelcoming Opener

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SEP. 2 -- Football columnist Charles Chiccoa takes the UCLA bashing and USC basking like a man..

We should have known. I mean, whenever this program comes to a fork in the road, one way being Validation Blvd., the other being Bad News Ave., the Bruins will inevitably choose the most dangerous road traveled. Whether the opponent be Miami, Notre Dame, Washington State, Cal, Stanford , Arizona, SC (enumerable times!), UCLA, too often, winds up in a ditch, upside down, wheels spinning, wondering what the hell just happened. Anyway, the Virginia trip wasn’t fatal… actually more comic than anything else. Thank God they left there with a win, no matter how ugly… and in Terry Donahue’s oft-quoted phrase, “live to fight another day.” Meanwhile… Bill Plaschke, “award winning sports writer,” is officially back to his one true love, “The Men of Troy.” In his finest deep-purple prose, this grown man is celebrating SC’s walkover of Fresno State (without benefit of a Carr) in terms worthy of Thucydides’ “Peloponnesian Wars.” A few samples: BR> -- “The swatch of Cardinal flew down the sidelines...

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