VIDEO: Bruins in Summer League

Alfred Aboya

Check out the second-half highlights of next year's Bruins playing in the Say No Pro City League Saturday, featuring Jordan Farmar, Josh Shipp and the five incoming freshmen...

Every UCLA player for next season -- except Cedric Bozeman and Ryan Hollins -- played in the Say No Pro City League on Saturday.

On one team, Sinclair's Bruins, are Jordan Farmar, Josh Shipp, Darren Collison, Alfred Aboya, Luc Richard Mbaha Moute, Mike Roll and Ryan Wright.

Here are the first half highlights of their game, one in which they won, 83-43.

3rd Quarter Highlights --

4th Quarter Highlights --

Jordan Farmar -- #1
Josh Shipp -- #7
Luc Richard Mbaha Moute -- #10
Alfred Aboya -- #15
Darren Collison -- #8
Mike Roll -- #2
Ryan Wright -- #11 Recommended Stories

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