Bruins Start NBA Workouts

Jordan Farmar

The UCLA basketball players who currently have their names available for the NBA draft started working out for NBA teams this week. Find out exclusively on Bruin Report Online how senior Ryan Hollins and, more critically, Arron Afflalo and Jordan Farmar, fared...

UCLA very well could have a player from this season's team get taken in the first round of the NBA draft.

But it might not be who you think.

Ryan Hollins, the senior center, reportedly has had some good workouts for NBA teams and could sneak into the late first-round.

Hollins worked out in Los Angeles for some NBA teams Tuesday, and will possibly have more workouts around the country.

Jordan Farmar worked out with the Los Angeles Clippers Tuesday and, according to NBA sources, the results were mixed. Farmar worked the pick and roll very well, but reportedly struggled to penetrate and also to stop penetration, and didn't shoot particularly well. Farmar was supposed to have worked out with the Los Angeles Lakers, and did work out for Sacramento Wednesday, but we haven't heard any reports from those workouts.

Farmar will now go back east on one trip to work out for the New Jersey Nets and Indiana Pacers. An NBA source indicates that Farmar will work out for the Nets on Friday against Michigan State's 6-4 guard Shannon Brown, who is also a junior.

Arron Afflalo worked out for the Los Angeles Lakers recently, and NBA sources indicated that the workout didn't improve his stock and only further reinforced that he should return to college.

It's unknown whether Cedric Bozeman, the senior guard/wing, has worked out with an NBA team yet. Recommended Stories

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