Twitter Meter for Bruin Sports 8/26

Alize Jones

AUG 26 -- We take a look at what's been going on throughout the UCLA Twittersphere over the last few weeks...

USC cornerback Josh Shaw saved his nephew from drowning on Monday, and in the process gave himself two high ankle sprains. Jim Mora crossed rivalry lines to give him some much-deserved respect.

If one stone-faced picture is proof enough, Alize Jones looks to be back in the fold.

Former BRO contributor and Laser Bear-himself Jon Gold put together a really nice piece about Jim Mora, Nick Pasquale, and more.

Tracy Pierson, photo bomber.

Denzel Washington made his way to practice the other day, hopefully giving an inspirational message more in line with Remember the Titans than Training Day.

Anyone else live in fear of some clueless local media columnist jumping the gun and naming this a "Bruin Town"?

Austin Roberts had knee surgery last week to repair his ACL. Also, we saw him walking around Spaulding last week, and he looks like he's a linebacker. If his speed is anywhere close to his reported 100 meter times, he's going to be fun to watch.

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